12th of December: Dominik von Ribbentrop

Dominik von Ribbentrop, Owner Stockinger Safes: "Style, grace and security: A Stockinger Safe is an elegant, long lasting and very personal Christmas present. It will give you freedom and independence and will increase your peace of mind - in style and at all times."

For him the ideal and ultimate Christmas luxury gift is: The Safe Bugatti. Stockinger is one of the very few brands licensed to enter into a co-branding arrangement with the company, and they have jointly launched the most secure safe in the world for private use - a true high-tech and luxury product - the "Safe Bugatti", specially developed to coincide with the launch of Bugatti’s long-awaited 16.4 Veyron.

The "Safe Bugatti" features sleek luxury in design, and polished perfection in technology. With a packing space volume of 83 litres and exterior dimensions of 126.1 cm x 66.4 cm x 64.2 cm, the "Safe Bugatti" was developed primarily for private, non-corporate customers.

User-friendly operation is via automated digital data entry (Stocktronic), positioned at an ergonomic height. The handy size allows the possibility of installation at home, finally allowing the freedom to enjoy your valuables at any hour of the day or night.

12th of December: Dominik von Ribbentrop 12th of December: Dominik von Ribbentrop

About Dominik von Ribbentrop

When Dominik von Ribbentrop first saw the exceptional safes of the small German manufacturing company Stockinger, he was immediately fascinated by its unique and outstanding products. He not only bought two safes but later the entire company in order to perfect the art of safemaking. Before acquiring Stockinger, Dominik started and built up the internet firm webmiles AG which he later sold to Bertelsmann. Maybe because of his many years outside Germany, mainly in England and France where he studied and worked in investment banking, he noticed how good the quality reputation "Made in Germany" still is.

To date, safes have been grey and ugly monsters, cheaply produced in Asia, sitting in the cellar or basement of a house, difficult to operate and far away from being convenient. Stockinger Safes are the opposite, manufactured exclusively with Swiss and German components, combining the strongest materials, amazing outside lacquering work and a tailor-made, beautiful interior. Stockinger Safes are mainly manufactured for watch collectors and jewellery lovers, in which the inside drawers display special watch-winders and jewellery trays.

For further information please visit www.stockinger.com. Or send an Email to: [email protected].

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