11th December: Hadi Teherani

Hadi Teherani, architect and designer: "For me it is less about mathematical logic than about conveying an awareness of life and security, mastering inspirations. In this way a chair or an armchair becomes a living being with which one is living together in constant interchange, as with a lover. The intensive personal creative pleasure of the designer must directly transferred to the product and its public, that is the real difficulty."

Everyday things are only useful as Christmas presents if they reach another dimension other than pure fulfilment of functionality. Like a Leica à la Carte, the limited Christmas edition Silver chair is precision and passion defined.

The problem of "perfect sitting" for Hadi Teherani was merely the starting point on the road of a much longer journey. Without in-depth analysis, design ages very rapidly. Charles and Ray Eames were others who didn’t want to merely command respect from the user with their furniture, but gain affection. That is the decisive difference.

With its numerous internationally renowned awards, Silver is on the way to becoming a modern classic. An investment in the future, and in particular in the joy of living.

About Hadi Teherani

Hadi Teherani, came to Hamburg from Teheran at the age of 6, in order to discover 'his own way' in an unbiased fashion. The creative brains of the architectural team BRT, and the design firm Hadi Teherani AG, he studied architecture in Braunschweig simply by chance, then taught at the Technische Hochschule Aachen and started to work as an architect and fashion designer in Cologne. From his first building, the Autohaus Car & Driver up to the current spectacular city landmarks in Hamburg, Moscow, Dubai and Istanbul, his particular skill always lies in the detail.

Constantly looking for answers to questions which haven’t yet been asked is how Teherani sees the main motivation for architecture and design in his psyche. The greatest passion of this creative workaholic is to let his imagination run loose in a pleasant environment without any disturbances. His particular pleasure is to be near water, music, old English classic cars, his labrador dog 'Moritz', his Koi carp 'Le Corbusier', 'Mies van der Rohe' and 'Giorgio Armani'. And last but not least - interesting people.

The Limited Edition Silver 362 S chair and the 100 S stool is available with leather in Cognac, Café au Lait or Graphite. The Silver chair costs 3.350,00 Euro, the Silver stool 1.100,00 Euro.

Further information about this Christmas present can be found at: www.interstuhl.com. Or Email to: [email protected].

Text: Classic Driver
Photos: Hadi Teherani AG

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