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The ‘Elektra’ Electric Powerboat Comes to London

The 24-foot, lithium battery-powered Elektra powerboat will be at this summer’s Salon Privé, the luxury and supercar event to be held at Syon House, West London, on 22-24 June.

Built in Britain, by Patterson Boatworks of the Lake District, the boat blends new technology with age-old boatbuilding craftsmanship. The Elektra’s hull is made of foam-filled carbonfibre, while its upper surfaces and framework are as traditional as they come: English oak, cherry and Douglas fir, all hand-finished and varnished to within an inch of their lives.

The deck area is best quality teak, “caulked with silver for that added touch of style,” states the manufacturer proudly.

A variety of electric motors, from 5 to 90kW, gives the Elektra a top speed of up to 30 knots. Or, as an alternative, a ‘hybrid’ version with a 45kW ‘genset’ (an ‘engine-generator set’) running on ethanol, diesel or petrol can be specified. With this installed, full power can be taken from both battery and generator sources, thereby giving the Elektra the full 90kW/30 knots capability.

The ‘Elektra’ Electric Powerboat Comes to London The ‘Elektra’ Electric Powerboat Comes to London

As an alternative, er, ‘alternative', Pattersons can fit thin-film solar fabrics as a coating to the bimini and/or the decks. At a gentle cruising speed of 6.5 knots just under lithium power, the Elektra will have a range of “at least 70-100 miles”. Lithium makes sense in this application as it's only one third of the weight of an equivalent lead-acid battery and has a lifespan of 3000 recharges.

For further information on the Elektra electric powerboat, see Those interested in attending the 2011 Salon Privé can now book tickets online at

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