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Owned by stars like Brigitte Bardot and Sophia Lauren, Riva boats express classic Italian design while using exceptional materials and powerful engines. The brand's history began in 1842 in Lake Como, Italy, and thrived during the 'Dolce Vita' era of 50s. Riva is still going strong today, offering unique and special vessels for an exclusive client-base.
Riva Aquariva - by Marc NewsonMCa.A.
Riva Ferrari 32 - FREUR 80000 - EUR 120000
Riva Aquariva - MARC NEWSON, Number 1 of just 5 examples madeNLEUR 595000
Riva JuniorCHa.A.
Riva Olympic - #198DEEUR 149000
Riva TritoneFRa.A.
Riva Aquarama - Super, Series 3, N°422DEEUR 490000