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Zenith SA is a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer, established in 1865 by Georges Favre-Jacot. Throughout its history, the company received more that 1,500 1st-place precision awards, a confirmation of its devotion to high-quality. In 1969, the company introduced the world's first automatic chronograph movement watch, the El Primero. Famous Zenith models include the Chronomaster, the Class, the Port-Royal, and the Defy. The company was acquired by LVMH in 1999.
Zenith Other - El PrimeroBEEUR 5750
Zenith Other - El PrimeroBEEUR 6750
Zenith PilotDEEUR 4950
Zenith EspadaDEEUR 5850
Zenith El Primero - Revival A384 ‘Edge of Space’ Limited EditionGBGBP 8500
Zenith El PrimeroBEEUR 8950
Zenith - Gilt DialDEEUR 2200
Zenith El Primero - RainbowDEEUR 3250
Zenith Other - El PrimeroDEEUR 2950
Zenith CompurBEEUR 36000
Zenith Vintage Models (other)BEEUR 11500
Zenith Other - El PrimeroDEEUR 6350
Zenith Pocket WatchFREUR 400
Zenith CompurDEEUR 12500
Zenith CompurDEEUR 5450
Zenith EliteBEEUR 7950
Zenith Other - El PrimeroDEEUR 2950
Zenith Vintage Models (other) - Dealer signature Stahel ZürichDEEUR 4450
Zenith Other - El PrimeroDEEUR 8850
Zenith - Gilt DialDEEUR 2850