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René Bannwart and his uncle Gaston Ries founded CORUM in 1955, in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. From the outset, CORUM displayed a determination to position itself at the forefront of fine Swiss watchmaking, as an exclusive brand with innovative designs and exceptionally sophisticated mechanisms. The company's emblem, a key pointing skywards, is a symbol of innovation. In 1956, the first CORUM watches appeared on the market and the brand created a legacy of astonishing watches ever since. Today, Corum has one of the richest collections in its field and continues to produce magnificent timepieces with the perfect balance between traditional craftsmanship and creative, avant-garde design.
Corum Rolls RoyceDEEUR 4650
Corum - Collector SeriesDEEUR 2250
Corum - Admirals CupDEEUR 3750
Corum - TaboganDEEUR 1350