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Chopard Vintage Models (Other)

In 1860, 24-tear-old Louis-Ulysse Chopard, a talented watchmaker, established his workshop in the small village of Sonvilier, Switzerland. His aim was to produce watches that could meet the highest standards of quality and presicion. The watches acquired the praise of customers from all over Europe, including many distinguished personalities. The company relocated to Geneva, Europe's capital of haute horology, in 1937. The jewelry entrepreneur Karl Scheufele acquired the brand from the Chopard family in 1963, modernising the company and adding the jewellery segment. Today, Chopard is one of the leading names in the high-class watch and jewellery industry and embodies creativity, innovation, exceptional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology. Chopard has remained a fully independent company to this day.
Chopard - 18K Gold - Hand Winding- Men - 1980-1989TREUR 1250 - EUR 1450
Chopard Vintage Models (Other) - unknownDEEUR 3850
Chopard Vintage Models (Other) - ClassiqueDEEUR 1250