10 Blancpain zum Verkauf


In 1735, Jehan-Jacques Blancpain founded the Blancpain brand. He set up his first workshop on the top floor of his house in Villeret, in the present-day Bernese Jura. The Blancpain brand is considered the world's oldest watchmaking brand. With the resources of its expertise, by the mid-19th century the House of Blancpain had become the most substantial enterprise in Villeret. In 2002, Marc A. Hayek became Chairman and CEO of Blancpain and gave a new stimulus to the House, which set out on a quest for excellence while maintaining its precious legacy and commitment to traditional watchmaking.
Blancpain - LemanDEEUR 4850
Blancpain - VilleretDEEUR 3250
Blancpain - VilleretDEEUR 8250
Blancpain - LemanDEEUR 4950
Blancpain Other - LadyDEEUR 2950
Blancpain - LemanDEEUR 8250
Blancpain - Le BrassusDEEUR 22500
Blancpain - No. 374DEEUR 6950
Blancpain - Le BrassusDEEUR 9900
Blancpain - VilleretDEEUR 9850