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Kontaktperson: Benedicte Praplan
Noisy-sur-École, Frankreich
True luxury is emotion. Adopt the vintage to honour the past, it is our philosophy ! To obey more than a form of nostalgia, the true driving force of a passion for things of the past is the pleasure, the forgotten sensation of seeking out the unique. The Vintage aesthetic must be authentic. We must adapt the vintage to our personality rather than trying to follow the trend or be tempted by the latest thing. This is what we are attempting by offering objects of extreme diversity whilst always respecting the search for authenticity and quality. Interest in a vintage object must stand the test of time, ie if its quality and aesthetics have successfully traversed the years. Some creations mark the culmination of a genre, style or function. Our concept of vintage design is also a reaction to the throwaway society, the consumer object that doesn't last. In some ways the fanatic for vintage objects are the most ecological consumers of all.

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LanvinFREUR 800
DiarexFREUR 280
DiarexFREUR 250
Leo HamelFREUR 1250
LanvinFREUR 450
Small picnic kitFREUR 300
Silver adornment bracelet and necklaceFREUR 350
Elegant silver braceletFREUR 210
Silver braceletFREUR 180
Luc Lanel for Christofle HouseFREUR 250
Louis Blumfeld trading as Adolph Frankau - Co Ltd circa 1900FREUR 600
Small alcohol flasqueFREUR 70
Mappin & Webb alcohol flasqueFREUR 200
Great alcohol flasque circa 1940FREUR 120
Alcohol flasque black leatherFREUR 120
Alcohol flasque around 1940FREUR 150
Alcohol flasque Circa 1940FREUR 90
Gucci alcohol flasqueFREUR 90
Alcohol flasque circa 1910FREUR 100
Travel Alcohol flasque FREUR 135