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The Cooper Car Company was a racing car manufacturer established in 1946 in England. Initially, the marque produced Formula Three cars, though throughout the 50s and 60s, Cooper's cars were successful in both Formula One and the Indianapolis 500. In 1961, the legendary Mini Cooper was introduced, which also achieved great success in rallying. Production ceased in 1971, but the name lives on as part of the current MINI range.
1962 Cooper T59 - Ex - Suzy & Chuck Dietrich, Formula Junior, Period USA Race WinnerGBa.A.
1955 Cooper T40 - Bristol 2 litreFRa.A.
1959 Cooper Monaco - T49 Mk IUSa.A.
1959 Cooper Monaco - Ex - Sir Stirling Moss, Bib Stillwell, Coil SprungGBa.A.
1952 Cooper T40 - T20/T25 Mk1BEa.A.
1955 Cooper T39 - BobtailBEGBP 165000
1961 Cooper T56 - MK II Formula JuniorUSa.A.