1948 Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith

Sedanca de Ville


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  • Leistung 
    137 PS / 101 kW / 136 BHP
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Engine 6 cylinder in-líne
Displacement 4.257 cc
Maximum power 137 HP
Maximum speed 137 km/h
Curb weight 2.034 kg
Coachwork type sedanca de ville Mulliner
Chassis number WZB59
Country of origin UK
Number built 1.783
Production span 1946-1959

Rolls-Royce closed its prewar period with the short-lived Wraith, directly derived from the model Twenty which appeared in 1922, and began the postwar in 1946 with the new Silver Wraith, driven by the old 4,257 cc, in-line six engine of its predecessor. Although it didn’t come with many changes, mechanically speaking, the frame stands out for its reinforced structure allowing an independent front suspension.

The first produced Silver Wraith, in a H.J. Mulliner body, became the official car of the mayor of Derby, the city where the Rolls-Royce factory was based. In Christmas 1946 Princess Elizabeth received her Silver Wraith coachbuilt by Hooper. The following year, customers such as the Sultan of Morocco, film producer Alexander Korda and oil magnate Nubar Gulbenkian also purchased this model. Both the Emperor of Eitopia Haile Seilasse and King Paul of Greece ordered four-door convertibles.

Apart from driving monarchs and millionaires, the automobile had also an impressive success among the diplomatic service. In 1959 the last Silver Wraith, a long-wheelbase bodied by Hooper, was delivered to the embassy of Ghana in Germany. Park Ward limousines had been assigned to the British legations in Copenhagen and Rio de Janeiro. And this unit, configured by Mulliner as Sedanca de Ville (design nº 7055, only 61 units built), was the official vehicle of the United Kingdom’s representative in Washington, Oliver Franks. Besides the ambassador, it would be used by the royal family itself on their trips to the United States.

The body, built with aluminum panels on a wooden frame, has a sunroof over the front seats, which are separated from the passenger compartment by an electrically operated sliding glass. The back can accommodate up to five people using two drop-down auxiliary seats, and is fitted with folding wood tables, ashtrays and a mini bar.