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The Continental version of the Phantom II is considered by many to be one of the finest motor cars ever built. This was a distinct improvement over the standard Phantom II - Already recognised as a magnificent automobile - in its performance, looks and handling. 150MS still sports its original Coach Work and mechanicals and its authenticity is documented in Raymond Gentile's book, "The Rolls Royce Phantom II Continental", published by Dalton Watson.
1,671 Phantom II's were built at Derby from 1929 - 1935 over a period of 6 years; of these just 281 were "Continentals", a shorter more sporting model. The chassis of 150MS was off test on 17th November 1932 and was then sent to the Coach Builders Thrupp and Maberley, who created an all aluminium body over an ash frame.
150MS was delivered to H.R. Owen Ltd, 17 Berkley Square London W1 on 27th February 1933. At this point, final detailing to the motor car took place before it was delivered to its first owner, Mr C.G Menzies, 33 Moray Place, Edinburgh (The W.H. Smith of their day) at a cost of some £2,650. (£1,750 for the chassis, £700 for the body and £200 for "extras").
On 27th April 1938 the car was sold to W. Armitage Owen, 75 West Parade, Rhyl, North Wales, who, it believed owned the car until 24th May 1950.
In the 60's 150MS was shipped to America to her new owner Mr John Reid 9of Little Rock Arkansas), who "drove her all over the U.S.
In 1993 George Walker sold 150MS to Mr John Matthews (of Sedgwick, Maine). The motor car was then placed with the firm 'SRS' in Georgia, where Sam Rawlins (a notable engineer and chief judge of the Rolls Royce Owners Club of America), assisted by Bob Jefferson, carried out a complete rebuild of the engine and ancillaries from early 1994 to mid 1997. The body restoration was then carried out in Florida and involved replacement of much of the Ash frame, new paint, new Connolly leather, new Wilton carpets and satin finished varnish to the instrument panel and window cappings. In addition to the above the previous owner has the complete set of invoices from Sam Rawlins detailing his work on 150MS, this amounted to over $100,000.
In 2002, John Matthews sold 150MS to Mr Lees-Jones (Then headmaster of Lockers Park, Hemel Hempstead, U.K.)
Since her return to the U.K., 150MS has undergone significant restoration, including mechanical restoration by Hoffmans of Henley which included new gearbox bearings, replacement engine mountings, a new camshaft, replacement head gasket, a slipper drive, magneto rebuild improvements to the central lubrication one shot system and other detail improvements. Jim Denne of West Hoathly carried out a complete body restoration from November 2006 to April 2008, finishing the motor car in the Rolls Royce colours 'Ivory over Garnet.'

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