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Serial number 9247104709
Rare European version
Less than 1,000 produced
Very good condition of restoration
Important photo file
Collector's title

Less than 10 years after the conception and the presentation of the first 911 series, Porsche changed its mind and decided to focus the thoughts of its engineering team on front engine cars.
In 1971, Fuhrmann took over the reins of the company and worked on the future 928 and 924 models, which had many advantages over the 911: perfect weight distribution, better cooling, compliance with anti-pollution standards, and the appearance of a truly large trunk.
If the 928 is thought before, it is the 924 model which will be unveiled first at the end of 1975. In order to save money and in agreement with its partner at the time, a large part of the car's parts came from the Volkswagen group, which allowed Porsche to offer the 924 at a low price, which became the entry ticket for the German firm.
On the mechanical side, the 924 is equipped with a 2.0L 4-cylinder engine that develops 125 horsepower. Originally from Audi, the block is revised by Porsche and adopts the K-Jetronic injection as standard. Coupled with a 4 speed gearbox, the 924 plays between the two classes: that of the small GTI and that of the powerful roadsters thanks to a sufficient torque not to go up in the rpm systematically.
First limited series of the 924, the Martini edition (internal code M246) appeared in 1977 and pays tribute to the numerous victories of the Porsche 935 and 936 in the World Championship under the livery of the famous aperitif since 1969.
The differences with a production model are mainly aesthetic; we notice in particular:
- The white Grand Prix livery
- The Martini stickers
- Aluminum rims Grand Prix color
- Specific red upholstery with Martini stripe
- Red carpeting
- Commemorative plaque behind the gearbox lever
Mechanically, the Martini edition is still equipped with the 2.0L 125 hp engine with its 4 speed gearbox but it adopts an additional stabilizer bar placed at the front.
Produced at 3,000 units for the world, only 1,000 models will be destined for Europe and makes this model a real rarity in good condition.

Our example was first registered in April 1977; a Porsche certificate of authenticity proves that this 924 was dressed in this Martini edition. Left in a state of neglect in the Paris region, it was purchased 40 years after leaving the factory by the current owner who undertook a major restoration project where the body was completely disassembled and stripped to bare metal in order to locate areas weakened by corrosion where sheet metal grafts were then made according to the rules of the art.
It received a Grand Prix White paint, and its owner then started to work on the interior where he was able to recover the red carpets with some miracle products. The seats were not salvageable and the original fabric was bought from a German supplier in order to give back to this specific interior all its former glory.
The mechanics were also totally revised with a change of engine block because his was out of date. However, the owner was anxious to keep as many original parts as possible and therefore kept the injection system (which differs from 1978), the camshaft and the crankshaft. The original block was stored and is available for the future buyer.
Finally, the corroded fuel tank was treated and reinstalled, the cracked dashboard was repaired and sheathed to prevent it from cracking, and a stainless steel half exhaust line was installed.
Today the 924 Martini is transformed; the photo report made during the restoration speaks for itself, a titanic work has been done to make this car as beautiful as possible. Very rare in European version, this 924 is the must-have collector that will allow you to stand out in vintage gatherings while having a car that can serve you every day. "

5 Rue Royale
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