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Click here to view high resolution photos https://www.flickr.com/gp/[email protected]/0T0H6X

California car from new – 2,495 original miles!

Completely original and unrestored

Stunning Metallic Paint-to-Sample "Anthracite Grey"

Scored a perfect 100 points, and won Best in Class at The Concours on the Avenue

Comes with original window sticker, sales paperwork, brochures, both original CA blue plates, and temporary registration documents

One of only 1,200 Turbos imported to the US in 1979, this example was first sold by California Porsche/Audi in San Francisco, in January 1980, to Ronald Tremper Jr. of San Luis Obispo. Temper's father purchased his own new 930 two years earlier and served as inspiration for his son's acquisition. The listed MSRP for his new Turbo was $45,270, however, Tremper would end up paying $58,500 for the car, an almost 25% dealer mark-up for what was a highly sought after last-year U.S. specification model. In 2021 money his out-the-door price of $62,782 would be $241,680!

Paying over sticker for a Turbo was common in 1979, as changing emissions regulations saw to it that this was the last year that the Turbo would be brought into the U.S., however, it was finally re-introduced in 1986 with a lower horsepower emission-controlled engine. The rear-engine 911 was also rumored to be on its way out with the introduction of the 928 and other front-engine Porsches, and as such, buyers and dealers alike were speculating that the car would double in value within a few years.

Tremper was 27 years old when he purchased his 930, and took out the longest loan possible to ensure he could afford the payments. The Turbo would not be paid off until December of 1988. More of a treasured possession than a car, the Anthracite Grey 930 lived on the carpet at his converted garage/office until he sold it in 2009. He would only take it out for special occasions, with the occasional drives tallying up to only 1,275 miles in 30 years. The longest journey ventured was the 256-mile drive home from the dealership at the time of original purchase.

A huge Mopar fan and collector, Tremper would go on to sell the Turbo to Mopar expert Juilian Steuer of Restorations by Julius in Los Angeles, CA, who would keep the car in his private collection until being acquired by Bruce Canepa.

This incredible paint-to-sample Anthracite Grey 930 Turbo has only accumulated 2,495 miles since new, and is in 100% factory-original unrestored condition. If you want to experience what a Porsche 930 looked like when it sat on the showroom floor in 1979, this is it. The one deviation from stock U.S. specification is the European H4 headlamps, upgraded by Bruce Canepa. The original U.S. spec headlamps and surrounds come with the car, as do the original pristine condition date-code-correct Pirelli P7 tires.

Since purchase by Bruce Canepa the 930 has been thoroughly inspected and serviced. Over 250 hours of concours level preparation have been invested into the car to ensure that it presented even better than its 2,495 miles would indicate. Canepa has shown the Turbo at the 2014 Porsche Parade Concours, and the 2014 Carmel-By-The-Sea Concours on the Avenue where it won Best in Class, and became the first car to score a perfect 100 points in its class. Currently on display at Canepa's facility in Scotts Valley, CA, and impeccably maintained, we are confident in saying that there is no finer example of a Porsche 930 in the world.

3299cc Turbocharged Flat Six

Horsepower: 296

Torque: 304 ft/lbs

Top Speed: 162mph

0-60mph: 5.0 seconds

Porsche Options:

Metallic Paint to Sample "Anthracite Grey"

Limited Slip Differential

Sports Seats, Left and Right

Electric Sunroof

Electric Passenger Side Mirror