1965 Matra Djet


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Matra Djet V 1965 LHD

I really love passionate sports car technicians with a mission! In France René Bonnet was such a person who had already proven his skills when collaborating with Charles Deutsch, producing the Deutsch-Bonnet sportscars.

In the early sixties René Bonnet started his own brand developping a for the time revolutionary mid-engine sports car powered by a popular Renault 1000 cc engine centrally positionned on a tubular chassis wearing a sleek Matra fiberglass body.
Total weight: just 600 Kg.
Ambitions were high, the Matra Djet became step by step more refined and powerful but the road to success was difficult. In 1964 Matra took over. In total approx. 1.500 examples were produced of which 900 type V with chassis specification MB8.

This Matra Djet V is one of the last evolutions of the model propulsed by the powerful Renault R8 1100 Gordini engine developping 90 HP and good for a top speed of 190 Km/h. Full independent suspension and fitted with 4 disc brakes.
In pristine condition with an exceptionnal neat presentation for a fibreglass body.
The Matra Djet, offering a remarkably neutral road behaviour, is an interesting alternative to the tail-heavy A110 Renault Alpine berlinette. Also much more spacious for tall drivers.
Ready for immediate road fun and ideal for historic competition events such as the Monte Carlo Historique.
A perfectly prepared and rare mid-engined sportscar providing lots of driving sensations at a tempting 54.500 €.