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    30 288 km / 18 821 mi
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    235 BHP / 239 PS / 176 kW
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Maserati 3500 GTI by Touring Carrozzeria 1962


- 1972 cars built from 1957 to 1964 by Touring Carrozzeria.
- 441 GTI’s built from 1961 to 1964.


Specific information on car

    Build year: 1962
    Chassis number: 101 2392
    Touring number: 12436
    Color: Silver (Argento) exterior with blue (blu) leather interior
    Top speed: 220km/h for the GTI and 215km/h for the GT
    Horsepower: 225hp@5500rpm, from 1961: 230hp@5500rpm
    Engine: 6 cylinder in-line
    Transmission: rear wheel drive
    Gearbox: 5-speed (as of model 1961)
    Dry weight: 1466kg


Special options

-     Electric windows
-     Jaeger timeclock




The 3500GT was a significant model for Maserati, as it was the first road car to be built in relatively large volume. In 1957, Maserati

had officially withdrawn from motorsport, and full attention was now on the production of Gran Turismo automobiles. The elegant

design of the 3500GT was the creation of Milanese coachbuilder Carrozzeria Touring, whose Superleggera (Superlight) patent

used aluminum panels wrapped over a thin, tubular steel frame that described the body shape. The inline-6 engine, characterized

by excellent torque output at low engine speed, came from the 350S racing car of 1956. In 1961, triple Weber carburetors were replaced

by a Lucas mechanical fuel-injection system, boosting the power to 235 hp in the 3500GTI. ZF supplied the four-speed

gearbox (five-speed from 1960 and three-speed automatic on request), with other components sourced from the best suppliers

of the day. Front disc brakes became available as an option from 1959. Braking was by hydraulically operated 12-inch

drum brakes. The front suspension was by coil-springs and wishbones with a torsion anti-roll bar and rear suspension by

semi-elliptical leaf-springs and live rear axle.


The overall design of the 3500GT remained largely unchanged until early 1961 during which time numerous minor modifications

were made, many of which were optional. In 1959 optional front disc brakes were available (standard equipment in 1960), a limited slip

differential (standard equipment in 1960) and Borrani knock-on wire wheels. Our 3500 It is fitted with three Weber 42 DCOE

carburettors, a common modification considered superior to the original Lucas fuel injection system.


The 3500 GT and GTI achieved great commercial success, establishing Maserati as one of the world’s most exclusive high-performance

automotive marques.


The 1961 fuel-injected version of 3500GT, the 3500GTI, received some minor exterior cosmetic changes: a lower roofline, longer

nose, shallower front radiator grille, revised front rectangular-shaped indicators replaced the small round ones, the front foglights were

removed, redesigned rear light clusters and rear quarterlights were added to the doors. The letter 'I' was added to the 'Maserati 3500 GT' chrome

script above the rear number plate and a Trident badge was added with the word 'Iniezione' written on it.


A very nicely restored car, paint is overall in very good condition. A nicely retrimmed interior with sympathetic patina. Mechanically

very well maintained. The car was bought in 2003 by previous owner from a Dutch dealer, and then sold by German dealer

Koch Klassik Automobil gmbh, Heilbronn Germany, in 2014 to current owner who uses it regularly and keeps it in good working order.


Documents/Accessories that accompany the car

-     Technical control documents
-     Car-Pass with official mileage
-     Belgian registration

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