1991 Lotus Omega


  • Baujahr 
  • Kilometerstand 
    145 200 km / 90 224 mi
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*Power (KW): 277kW (377 CV) at 5200 rpm
*Engine: Supercharged by 2 Garrett Turbines with Intercooler
*Maximum speed: 283 Km / h
*Chassis: SCC00019M1202928
*Power supply: Petrol
*Transmission: 6-speed + RM
*Drive: Rear-wheel Drive
*Condition: Conservative restoration
*Configuration: Street
*Number of seats: 5
*Guide: on the left
*Documents: regular (registered in Italy on 24/05/2018)

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The Opel Omega Lotus is a car derived from the Opel Omega sedan and represented its flagship sports version, created in collaboration between Lotus, which at the time was owned by General Motors and Opel, and which could still have its say today. the four high-performance doors.
In 1990 Lotus took care of transforming the peaceful Omega (in this case the 3000 24V) into a real monster with great speed performance that, twenty years ago, were only comparable to those of supercars with a capital S.
All with a high level of comfort and a not exorbitant price: 115 million lire to own an extraordinary car, since a thousand were produced (of which a couple of hundred with the name of Vauxhall Carlton Lotus, the English version ) while in Italy only 20 officially arrived and all dark green Lotus.
The intervention of the English manufacturer had been quite substantial: lowered and stiffened structure, with structural changes to the rear (two additional struts to the multilink) to ensure greater stability. Braking system with self-ventilated discs on the four wheels and rear tires with specific wheel arches to allow the installation of the 265/40 ZR 17 at the rear.
Thanks to the 377 horsepower and 59 kgm of torque of the 6-cylinder in-line, the Lotus Omega was the fastest sedan in the world in its first marketing period, capable of reaching 283 km / h.
To achieve these performances, the Lotus increased the displacement from 3 to 3.6 liters, with two Garrett T25 turbines with air / water intercooler and structural reinforcements and to unload all this monstrous power to the ground, it used a ZF mechanical gearbox similar to the one mounted Corvette ZR1, with self-locking differential.
However, the driveability of this monster was not bad at all, quite the contrary. To have fun with some pleasant power oversteer, the Omega Lotus certainly didn't beg.

La nostra Opel Lotus Omega
Our Omega Lotus is in excellent condition of bodywork and mechanics.
The recently restored body is in excellent condition.
The interior is well preserved, the door panels and the central deck have briar wood inserts and there is new carpet on the car floor.
The instrumentation is the original one of the house, all in perfect working order.
The engine compartment looks as well-finished as it did when it came out of the factory, demonstrating the maniacal attention that the previous owner of this car has always dedicated to car maintenance and tuning.
The road test of this Opel Omega Lotus remains an experience to be told to posterity, thanks to the extraordinary power of the twin-turbo 6-cylinder: ready at idle speed, more full-bodied and consistent over 2000 rpm, simply explosive over 4000, when there is a further push.
This car today represents an investment of pure passion for a car that in the 90s represented a real "supercar eater".
It is possible to see the car by arranging an online call with our expert, via Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp and Google Meet platforms.