1968 Jaguar E-Type SI


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    Opalescent Silver Blue
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Guide price: £32000 - £38000. <ul><li>Sound, left-hand drive, Series 1.5 auto 2+2 offering tremendous value.</li><li>Imported to the UK in June 2015 and now UK Registered</li><li>The coachwork and paintwork are very presentable. Good Chrome</li><li>Gearbox rebuilt in 2015. Recent engine rebuild and work to the brakes, seals and bushes (£6,800)</li><li>A decent, matching numbers, FHC at a guide price that allows for a few cosmetics</li></ul><p> </p><p>The Series 1 E-Type (as it has subsequently become known) was introduced, initially for export only, in March 1961 using the triple SU carburetted, 3.8-litre, six-cylinder XK engine from the XK150S. The car continued to be developed over time with the first major changes arriving in 1964 including an increase in capacity to 4.2-litres. There was never a fixed specification or official designation for this interim model, although, with the arrival of the, officially named 'Series 2', the early cars became Series 1s and the interim cars, logically, Series 1.5. These cars can be recognised by their open headlights, small 'mouth' air intake, the exhaust tips under the number plate at the rear, and the tail lights and indicators above the bumpers. It is undoubtedly one of the rarest of the E-Type variations, with there believed to have been just 375 right-hand drive Fixed Head Coupés examples produced. Enthusiasts claim that it is the best driving and most nimble derivative, and the 4.2-litre engine and all-synchromesh gearbox offered increased power and usability whilst retaining the fabulous looks of the earlier cars. Naturally there are enthusiasts for every iteration of E-Type from the early, flat-floor, Moss-gearbox, skinny-seat cars to the voluptuous and voluminous, V12 Series 3, however, those folk that really know, suggest that a 1.5 well maintained and properly set up would probably represent the ultimate.</p><p>At the sale today you will see a number of glamorous, fully restored E-Types with asking prices in the six-figure department. This is not one of those. Imported to the UK in June 2015 and now UK Registered, this is a rare Series 1.5, left-hand drive, 4.2-litre 2+2 coupe with an automatic gearbox that's finished in Opalescent Silver Blue. The dark Blue leather interior is original and described as 'good' and the car comes with a brand new set of carpets, yet to be fitted. The coachwork and paintwork are generally 'good' and the chrome and brightwork are 'very good'.</p><p>During the last 12 months (March 2018), the current owner, who purchased the Jaguar from its first UK owner, had a lot of work carried out on the engine. The head was rebuilt and new pistons, rings, big-ends, timing chains, head studs, thrust bearings and a water pump were fitted. A high-torque starter motor was added, the carbs serviced, and a full engine service with fresh fluids carried out. The bills for this amounted to over £3,850 and a further 3,000 was spent on the brakes, gearbox seals and bushes. The Jaguar is MoT'd until October 2018 and thereafter is exempt from tax and future MoTs. </p><p>This seems like tremendous value. A decent, matching numbers, Fixed Head Coupe at a guide price that allows for some improvements and a few cosmetic touches.</p><p> </p>