1961 Jaguar E-Type SI


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This Carmen Red Series I E-Type Roadster was built in 1961 and features the highly desirable flat floors of early production cars. It was purchased early on by a Portland, Oregon, resident, who is a cousin of the consignor. A decade later, the Portland man used the Jaguar as collateral when receiving a loan from his uncle. After the uncle died in 1981, the car was eventually transferred to his daughter. She took this rare E-Type from Portland to her home in Seattle, where it was stored in her family’s single-car garage, with the intent to restore it someday. The Roadster remained there for more than 30 years until emerging recently.

Repainted and fitted with a replacement bonnet at some point, this E-type remains in otherwise unrestored condition. Currently in non-running condition and last operated no later than 1987, the Roadster presents quite well for the length of time it was stored.

Consigned directly from its long-term owner, this highly desirable Series I E-Type is the perfect candidate for a concours-level restoration. It is accompanied at auction by a spare wheel, jack, a JDHT Certificate, and a title from 1987. This Jaguar’s rarity, originality, and long-term ownership render it unique – and having slept for a generation, it is poised for reincarnation in the hands of a discriminating collector.