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During the 1960s an Englishman, Ken Vincent Atwell (Senior Production engineer with Ford Motor Co. / Ford Plant Swansea, UK) was asked by Ford to help with the restoration of their own MkIII car that had been involved in a Promo-Filming accident. As there was no budget for the restoration, Ken agreed to their request, doing the work in his home workshop with the proviso that allowed him to take Moulds off the body panels which he would use to construct his own car. This was also the Time when our beautiful GT40 MKIII recreation Body was born – as a 100% copy of the original car. Ken Atwell was even tasked by Ford to build the moulds and replacement parts for the original MKI and MKII GT40 race cars. He was later given permission by Ford Motor Co. to use the molds and went on to produce his own (mostly MKI and MKII) GT40 recreation Bodies. Due to his access to these molds, the Ken Atwell Bodies are the most accurate replicas of the legendary Ford GT40 and he is therefore considered the ‘father’ of GT40 replication.

Moving on to the technical part, this MkIII recreation was commissioned by an enthusiast with the remit of creating a carbon copy of chassis no.5 (GT40M3/1105), the most famous one of the 7 original cars. With the aim to construct a car that while outwardly identical, is more powerful and with improved handling, and reliability. Where possible original specification parts have been used and others fabricated to match. The Ken Atwell MKIII Body was handed over to Revival Motorsport, UK where it was personally built to the highest standard by John Arnold himself who is also famous for his officially licensed Jaguar D-Type continuation cars.

- Correct Marchal lamps - Chromed brass framed side windows (opening).
- All catches and openers etc as per original (including rear clip catches from a BAC 1-11 aircraft - as per the originals).
- Ford 5.8 Liter 351 Cleveland 4V engine tuned by Osseli engineering to deliver 350bhp - but beautifully smooth and tractable.
- Renault 21T Gearbox - rebuilt by Chris Cole at Mach Transmissions with higher 5th gear ratio and strengthened main shaft.
- New drive shafts professionally manufactured (not welded) by GKN Driveline services.
- Interior exactly as per original with central gear change (With reverse lockout) all clocks and switches as per the genuine article - even the seats, seat belts and steering wheel are exactly as Ford intended.
- Remanufactured over-riders modified from Ford Anglia items - just as they were in the 1960's.
- Borrani style alloy rimmed. Stainless spoked wire wheels with knock off spinners.
- Cosworth brakes with twin servos.
- Radiator fitted with automatic bleed nipples which ensure that no air gets trapped in the cooling system. Fitted with twin thermostatically controlled fans.
- Professionally built by Revival Motorsport based just next to Mallory Park circuit to accurately replicate the Von Karajan Mark III (but in RHD).
- The car has better performance and tractability than the original and must be the best recreation of this car in the world today.
- All suspension joints are designed for practical road use and the car feels solid and rattle free unlike most cars of this nature. The quality of the engineering becomes apparent once you start to look around the car. This is a very special vehicle.
- The brass side windows had to be designed and made as a one off. This itself cost thousands of pounds and took many many hours of work.
- The first owner of the car was on a mission. He had a true obsession with making this car as close as possible to the real thing.
- We know that the detailing on the car is as close to the real thing as it was possible to get. because the original owner went to the extent of flying over to Los Angeles to view and measure everything on the original 1105 car! This way he was able to give accurate guidance to John Arnold and his team at Revival.

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