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Guide price: £38000 - £45000. <ul><li>Group 4 bodyshell by Bod Dowen Rally Services</li><li>SBD 2.0 litre Duratec engine just under 300BHP</li><li>Quaife 60G 6-speed sequential gearbox</li><li>Fostek prepared fully floating Atlas axle with Gripper diff.</li></ul><div><p> </p><p>This is an ultra-competitive, "Modern" tarmac-spec 2.0 Mk2 Escort that always sets the pace in the 2.0 class, and often beats 2.5l cars. Even at power-hungry track-based single-venues, it sets top 5 times. Professionally prepared and really well presented.</p><p><span style="text-decoration: underline;">Full Specification</span></p><p>Grp4 body-shell by Bob Dowen Rally Services.  Additional gearbox tunnel, fuel tank mount and roll-cage modifications by Retro Motorsport in Essex.</p><p>Lightweight windows by Plastics 4 Performance including custom sliders and anti-scratch front windows.  Heated windscreen.</p><p>Carbon fibre roof vent. Carbon fibre front quarter bumpers and rear bumpers.  Lightweight bumper brackets front and rear.</p><p>Carbon fibre bonnet with integral Subaru WRC bonnet vents and rear cooling vent.  Lightweight bonnet hinges.</p><p>Carbon fibre boot lid with integral spoiler and lightweight hinges.  Custom lightweight boot stay.  Carbon fibre spare wheel tray.</p><p>Bespoke fuel tank with integral swirl pot by AH Fabrications.  Facet L/P lift pump and Twin H/P Bosch pumps mounted with inline filter.  Rollover safety valve.  </p><p>Grp4 Fabrications top-of-the-range dry-sump tank with custom integral catch tank.</p><p>SBD 2.0 litre Duratec engine - very high-spec, producing just under 300bhp.  Detailed specification and invoices available separately.</p><p>Laminova oil-to-water cooler. Electric water pump.  Brise high-performance alternator.  AP multi-plate, hydraulically operated clutch.</p><p>AH Fabrications custom built big header radiator.  SPAL fans.</p><p>Custom-made Promotive 3" throughout exhaust system single, re-packable silencer.</p><p>Quaife 60G 6-speed sequential gearbox with modified Grp4 Fabrications lever.  SBD flat-shift system with a digital gear indicator.  Custom-made 2-piece prop-shaft.</p><p>Fostek-prepared fully floating Atlas axle with Gripper diff, 5:1 CWP, Watts linkage and ally brace.  Fitted with custom (1155 - Xtrac) drive-shafts.</p><p>Alcon WRC-style 4-pot front brakes with Pagid pads, 4-pot rear brakes, and Tilton floor mounted, adjustable pedal box.  </p><p>Grp4 fabrications Modular WRC front suspension with Bilstein dampers and custom Irish-spec front anti-roll bar.  Bilstein magnesium rear dampers.</p><p>Compomotive 8x15 aluminium wheels or Revolution 8x15 and 9x15 5-spoke competition wheels</p><p>Variable rate, adjustable power-steering.  Removable steering wheel.  Grp4 steering knuckle.</p><p>Custom made Motordrive carbon fibre "Endurance" seats with wrap-around protection.  6-point harnesses.  </p><p>Carbon fibre drivers and co-drivers foot trays, carbon fibre door cards, flocked dash.</p><p>Lifeline Zero 360 plumbed-in extinguisher plus two handhelds and harness cutters.</p><p>Aircraft-spec wiring loom by Bremax with pop-out breakers.   Stilo WRC intercom.  Stack auxiliary gauges - change colours for low/normal/high ranges.</p><p>Clear lens front headlamps with carbon fibre bowls.  Ultra slim-line ballast HID kit</p><p>Carbon-fibre lamp pod housing PIAA pro-series lights with Ultra slim-line ballast HID kits</p><p>Gp4 Fabrications single windscreen wiper system.</p><p>Aluminium strut brace by Grp4 Fabrications.  Kevlar sump guard - modified Mitsubishi Evo8 item. </p><p>All brake, fuel and oil hoses from Goodridge performance hose and aluminium fittings.  Engine bay oil lines in Kevlar lightweight braid.  Remote oil filter.</p><p>Carefully built with ££££'s worth of aluminium and titanium fixings.</p><p>The car is in great condition with all major components on under 300 stage-miles.  It has only ever been run on the finest fluids and its condition is such that it has been displayed at Race Retro 2016 and the grand opening of Goodridge's new factory recently.  The car will be supplied with a thick folder of receipts for every component.</p><br /> <br /></div><p> </p>