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    26 000 km / 16 156 mi
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    383 BHP / 389 PS / 286 kW
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Here we have a truly superb example of the iconic Ferrari Testarossa finished in the much sought-after combination or Red (Rosso Corsa) with the Beige Leather trim.
This 1990 model benefits from the desirable early purer design features, whilst benefitting from the more balanced twin wing mirrors and more useable five stud wheel design.

The car presents in remarkably original condition with excellent paintwork and truly exceptional interior trim. The leather on both the seats and the carpets is still soft and refreshingly free of marks and creases, it evens smells right.
The car is fresh into stock and undergoing our presales checks

The vehicle has a mid-engine layout, which means that it is situated behind the cabin but in front of the rear axle, improving cornering ability and resulting in better weight distribution of 40% in front and 60% at the rear. The fact that the engine is a boxer engine also aids handling, with its low centre of gravity. The engine is lubricated via a dry sump system to achieve the best possible lubrication in all driving conditions.

The Testarossa name pays homage to the Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa that raced in the World Sportscar Championships in the 1950s, among others at Le Mans. The name means ‘red head’ in Italian and refers to the red-painted covers over the camshafts used on both of the engines.

Like so many other Ferraris, the design comes from Pininfarina and the design team behind the Testarossa consisted of Ian Cameron, Guido Campoli, Diego Ottina and Emanuele Nicosia. Unsurprisingly, however, Leonardo Fioravanti was the head designer. He was employed at Pininfarina for 24 years, and was also responsible for the design of the Dino246GT, 308GTB, 365 Daytona, 288GTO and F40.

Famous Testarossa owners include Elton John, Alain Delon, Andre Romelle Young (Dr. Dre), Gerhard Berger and, not least, Don Johnson who made the Testarossa even more famous when he was given a white Testarossa for seasons 3, 4 and 5 of the TV series Miami Vice. Don Johnsen himself owned several Testarossas, one of which was the first silver metallic model ever produced.
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