1987 Ferrari Testarossa


  • Baujahr 
  • Kilometerstand 
    78 198 km / 48 590 mi
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Chassis no. ZFFAA17B000071455
Engine no. F113B*00415
Power 287 kW (390 HP) 6.300 rpm
Top Speed 290 kph
Acceleration 0 to 100 kph in 5,8 sec
Drive Rear Wheel Drive (RWD)
ASI Gold Plate 41565

Presented in 1984 at an exclusive event in Paris, the Ferrari Testarossa immediately became a magnificent obsession for lovers of the Prancing Horse.
The Testarossa, designed by the creative genius of Leonardo Fioravanti, embodies like no other car the 80s, the years of unbridled individualism and Reaganian hedonism that, even today, continue to influence our present.
The Testarossa was the first car in the history of the Cavallino without a numerical number name.
Legend has it that it was a mechanic, to whom a little red paint was left over, to paint the tappet cover of a 250 Sport of '57 with this color, thus starting a myth of the history of motoring. The Testarossa engine was the first V12 Ferrari road car with 4 valves per cylinder created by the Maranello manufacturer but, if there is something that strongly identifies this car, it is its unmistakable side with horizontal bands that run through it for most of its length.
Low, wide, and wonderfully captivating, the Testarossa was hailed as one of Ferrari's definitive Gran Turismo.
Powered by a 5.0-liter 180-degree V-12 that produces 390 hp, the engine was able to excite any driver with its top speed of almost 300 km / h in a time of less than six seconds in acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h, performances that today no longer impress, but that in the 80s were certainly stunning.
Today the Testarossa most sought after by collectors are certainly the Monospecchio and the Monodado with European specifications.
Thanks to its brilliant style and extraordinary performance, the Testarossa still remains an icon of style and power, one of the most famous and recognizable Ferraris ever built.

- Delivered new on 25-06-1987 to a private in Perugia, subsequently had only two owners
- Optimal conditions, complete repainting of the bodywork and with original mechanical parts
- Well-preserved beige leather interior, some light traces of cracking on both seats
- Dashboard is working, original Ferrari steering wheel
- Regularly overhauled since 2015 by the ItalCar Service workshop in Arezzo, specialized in Ferrari
- Available invoices for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance with complete coupon booklet
- Engine perfectly capable of delivering all its original power without any difficulty
- Monodado rims in perfect condition with 80% tires
- Grids, emblems, and writings as new

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