• Baujahr 
  • Kilometerstand 
    27 300 km / 16 964 mi
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  • Leistung 
    485 PS / 357 kW / 479 BHP
  • Antrieb 
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The Ferrari 550 Maranello is one of the legends of contemporary automobiles. Our Ferrari was delivered new in Italy on April 14, 2000, by the Ferrari Rosso Corsa dealership in Milan. It was registered in France in 2003 by its first owner. This Ferrari was configured with the superb Argento Nürburgring paint paired with a beautiful Cuoio leather interior.

With its limited production of just over 3,000 units, its 5.5-liter V12 engine developing 485 horsepower, and its manual gearbox with the legendary H-pattern gate, this Grand Tourer has always held a special place at Ferrari, embodying the perfect mix of sportiness and luxury.

Our car has low mileage, barely 28,000 kilometers since it left the factory, and has had a total of two owners. The first owner kept the car until 2023 before selling it to the workshop manager at Ferrari Geneva.

In 2022, the car received a full service at the Ferrari Modena Cars dealership in Switzerland, including a timing belt replacement, two new fuel pumps, a new air conditioning compressor, and leather treatment. For the sale, the car will have maintenance done at Ferrari Pozzi. The front and rear bumpers will be repainted due to minor defects. Finally, all four tires will also be replaced.

The car will be delivered with all its accessories (outdoor cover, seat and steering wheel cover, tool kit, and Ferrari tire inflator).

The Ferrari 550 Maranello remains today a symbol of automotive excellence that continues to captivate enthusiasts.

Our car can be seen in Paris or on the Mecanicus website for more photos.

Optional equipment:

Service history:
04/14/2000 - Delivery - Ferrari Rosso Corsa Milano
10/29/2001 - 3,495 km - Ferrari Rosso Corsa Milano
11/10/2003 - 6,076 km - Ferrari Rosso Corsa Milano
11/07/2005 - 8,396 km - Ferrari Rosso Corsa Milano
07/25/2006 - 8,397 km - Ferrari Rosso Corsa Milano (Front shock absorbers replaced)
04/12/2010 - 15,977 km - Ferrari Rosso Corsa Milano (Timing belt)
10/31/2014 - 22,272 km - Ferrari Rosso Corsa Milano (Timing belt)
01/25/2015 - 22,302 km - Ferrari Rosso Corsa Milano
01/26/2022 - 24,654 km - Ferrari Modena Cars Geneva (Timing belt + fuel pumps + air conditioning compressor + leather treatment + sticky plastic parts treatment...)

The vehicle is covered by a Triomphe Héritage 6-month warranty contract with a limit of €5,000 and 10,000 km. Extension of duration (12, 24, or 36 months) and/or limit (€10,000) possible.

The car can be seen in Paris or on the Mecanicus website for more photos. Our prices include VAT and eco-tax; the cost of registration remains the buyer’s responsibility. Trade-ins and financing available.