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    2 790 km / 1 734 mi
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    Cabriolet / Roadster
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Introducing our new into stock Ferrari 550 Barchetta, this truly Unleashes the Spirit of Open-Air Performance, and with this car being Number () of only 448 made, which is only 48 cars more than the Legendary Ferrari ENZO.
In 1997 Ferrari Launched the 550 Maranello and exactly four years later in the start of the 2000 Pininfarina had they 70th years anniversary which was celebrated with the launch of the beautifully designed Barchetta version of the 550. And this was down to its bones a truly Barchetta car only supplied with a cloth soft top, which Ferrari strictly advertised to only use below 110 Km/h, but with a top speed of 300 Km/h they needed to come up with a solution, and therefore the legendary Barchetta Helmets was delivered with the Vehicle, a lot of them has been separated from the car in the past, but this exact car is still accompanied with the original helmets.
The 550 Barchetta is true to a Ferrari´s DNA, fitted with a naturally aspirated 5.5 L V12 engine operated by the 6 speed manual transmission delivering a stunning, 479 HP to the rear wheels, these numbers where incredible in the start of the 2000. And still to this day these numbers makes the driving experience of the 550 absolutely breathtaking.
Power windows and mirrors, an alarm system, central locking, and split-rimmed alloy wheels were all included as standard equipment. The 448 automobiles produced each have a special serial number and a plaque with Sergio Pininfarina's signature inside. The end result is a work of art that is timeless, but only the most ardent Ferrari enthusiasts may own one.
Around 45-46 % of all Ferrari in 2000-2001 where finished in red, and only around 8-9% where finished in Yellow, and this exact car being Giallo Modena exterior, and Pelle Nera and Pelle Gialla interior, makes it much rarer.
Only 8–9% of Ferrari in 2000–2001 were completed in yellow, while 45–46% of all Ferrari were painted in red. Which makes this example being finished in Giallo Modena exterior and Pelle Nera/Pelle Gialla interior, more unique. And with under 2800 km from new, making this a highly sought-after collector ‘item.
The car is accompanied by the following:
UK registration
2 helmets
Ferrari Red book
Certificate d´origine
All original books

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