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    83 538 mi / 134 442 km
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    Cabriolet / Roadster
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Subject to a complete bare-metal respray in 2018
Freshly serviced in preparation for sale
Fully documented history from new
UK RHD supplied example

Chassis 43499 was sold through Ferrari JCT600 on the 3rd of January 1983 and delivered to its first owner R.E.D Shafto of Darlington on the 11th of January 1983 finished in Rosso Corsa 302/C with beige hide and carpets. R.E.D Shafto had the car maintained during his ownership at JCT600, Maranello Concessionaires and Modena Engineering in Surrey, after keeping the car for 2 years it was acquired by Nigel Weyman of Kent. Mr Weyman had Rardley Motors in Surrey service the car in August 1985 for its 21,750 miles service, it had its annual service in September 1986 at 24,929 prior to Mr Weyman selling the car to Dr John Ley of Essex at the end of September 1986. Dr John Ley owned the car for 8 years and had the car serviced at Lancaster Garage in Colchester, later it was sold to Gregory French of Essex in August 1995 who had Dave Griffith Performance Cars and then Kent High Performance Cars in Maidstone service the vehicle. In May 2001 the car was sold to Mark Rowland of Derbyshire who retained the car until 2015 when it was acquired by our client, Mr Rowland had the car maintained by Kent High Performance Cars, Ferrari Graypaul, Shiltech and Migliore. During our client’s ownership the following work was carried out; 2015 cambelt + annual service and new clutch, 2016 annual service, fuel tanks with lifetime warranty, interior leather re-connolised. In 2017 recon brake calipers and pads replaced, new water pump, refurbished alternator, 2018 annual service and bare metal respray, 2019 cambelt + annual service bodywork detailed by Gtechniq ceramic coating, 2020 window boosters fitted, 2021 annual service, ignition system replaced with fully electronic Xdi system, 2023 cambelt + annual service and air conditioning service.

The car is complete with all its original handbooks, service book, wallet, tools and set of luggage suitcases. There is also a complete history file documenting the cars life with invoices and MOT’s all substantiating the maintenance.

Servicing history:

23/02/1983: Ferrari JCT600

09/05/1983: Ferrari JCT600

23/11/1983: Maranello Concessionaires

20/07/1984: 15,398 Miles Modena

08/08/1985: 22,512 Miles Rardley Motors

03/09/1986: 24,929 Miles Rardley Motors

09/12/1987: 27,475 Miles Lancaster Garage

23/03/1989: 28,060 Miles Lancaster Garage

15/04/1991: 28,494 Miles Lancaster Garage

21/05/1992: 28,633 Miles Lancaster Garage

23/05/1995: 30,439 Miles Dave Griffith Performance Cars

05/06/1996: 32,074 Miles Kent High Performance Cars

26/06/1997: 32,478 Miles Kent High Performance Cars

09/07/1998: 33,176 Miles Kent High Performance Cars

14/07/1999: 33,676 Miles Kent High Performance Cars

28/07/2000: 34,080 Miles Kent High Performance Cars

16/05/2001: 34,891 Miles Kent High Performance Cars

30/01/2002: 39,224 Miles Kent High Performance Cars

15/01/2003: 45,283 Miles Kent High Performance Cars

06/10/2003: 49,803 Miles Ferrari Graypaul

31/01/2005: 55,795 Miles Shiltech

31/01/2006: 58,913 Miles Ferrari Graypaul

03/01/2014: 68,637 Miles Migliore

23/07/2015: 70,309 Miles Simon Furlonger Cars

06/09/2016: 72,437 Miles KNM

08/01/2018: 75,874 Miles AE Performance

02/07/2019: 76,119 Miles KNM

17/12/2021: 80,165 Miles KNM

28/09/2023: 82,522 Miles KNM

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