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    61 664 km / 38 317 mi
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Chassis no. ZFFKA11B000047607
Gearbox Manual 5 Speed
Max Power. 220 Hp / 162 kW
Top Speed 242 kph
Drive Rear WheelDrive (RWD)

In the 1980s in Italy there was a regulation that rewarded engines lower than 2.0 liters displacement, with tax breaks that allowed to have significant savings for the most expensive sports cars, like Ferraris.
The Maranello Scuderia then took the opportunity to show a downgraded V8 engine, which was successful among Italian customers.
In the same year, the owners of the 208 GTB and 208 GTS appreciated the savings they had, the tax paid was about half at the time, but also, they were asking for greater performance from the car.
Ferrari responded to this request with a solution that was proving to be very successful on the slopes around the world: the turbocharger. Thus, at the Turin Motor Show in 1982, the 208 GTB Turbo was presented, the first road legal Ferrari to be supercharged followed closely by the launch of the GTS Turbo.
Mechanically and aesthetically, it was identical to the 308, it differed only in engine: 1991 cm³ V8 of the Dino 208 GT4 which was available in coupe (GTB) versions, and in license plate version (GTS) with removable roof.

- Car in good condition of mechanic and bodywork
- Engine serviced regularly
- Original dashboard, preserved and working
- Wheels in pristine condition
- The black leather seats has been restored like new in November 2021 and never been used.
- External details such writings and emblems are in good condition

It is possible to view the car online, by booking a call with one of our commercial operators, via Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp and Google Meet platforms.