1971 Citroen SM


  • Baujahr 
  • Kilometerstand 
    16 000 mi / 25 750 km
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"In 1961, Citroën began work on 'Project S', a sports variant of the revolutionary Citroën DS. As was customary for the firm, many running concept vehicles were developed, increasingly complex and upmarket from the DS. Citroën purchased Maserati in 1968 with the intention of harnessing Maserati's high-performance V6 engine technology to produce a true Gran Turismo car combining the sophisticated Citroën suspension. The result was the Citroën SM, this was first shown at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1970 and went on sale in France in September of that year. Factory produced cars were all left hand drive, although right hand conversions were supplied to the UK and Australia. The origin of the model name 'SM' is not completely clear. The 'S' may derive from the 'Project S' designation and the 'M' perhaps refers to Maserati, hence SM is often assumed to stand for 'Systeme Maserati' or 'Sports Maserati'. Another common alternative is 'Série Maserati' but others have suggested it is short for 'Sa Majesté' (Her Majesty in French) which aligns with the common DS model's nickname 'La Déesse' (The Goddess)
This lovely French delivered European specification model is presented in grey with its original tobacco coloured leather interior still in excellent condition according to the owner. This wonderful model comes with five speed transmission and has the desirable factory fitted Continental Edison radio, rear seat belts and passenger door mirror. A recent major overhaul at marque specialists Brodie Engineering included an SS valve conversion, new head gaskets, new chains and new oil cooler pipes. It also had an electronic ignition upgrade, new coils and new Michelin tyres. The general finish of the external trim, glass and lights are exceptionally sharp for the model considering its age. The car is presented with the owner’s handbook, servicing book, radio instruction manual and full toolkit. These iconic French sports saloons are truly as retro today as they were in 1971 and with its exciting styling and performance to match, this is a wonderful example not to be missed."