1973 BMW 2002

Tii Touring


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    Inka Orange
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• Rare 2002 Tii Touring matching numbers
• Sophisticated Inka Orange colour
• Widely preserved, excellent restoration project
• Original plates, engine restored
The 1950s were difficult years for BMW. They were marked by a financial crisis due to low sales volumes. In 1958, the Quandt Family began to buy shares in BMW, acquiring complete control of the company in 1960. As early as 1959, the company relaunched its range by introducing the 700 designed by Michelotti and the stunning 8-cylinder 3200 CS, but without much success.
The turning point came in 1961 with the arrival of the Neue Klasse, a 1500 cc sedan designed by Herbert Quandt. Developed by Alex von Valkehausen, it was a rational car welcomed with a great deal of approval. The architecture of the 4-cylinder engine formed the basis of most BMW engines of the following years. The Neue Klasse revived the company's fortunes and already in 1966 over 60,000 cars were produced, most of them with a 2-litre engine.
Presented on March 7, 1966 on the 50th anniversary of BMW's founding, the new 02 series represented the company's fortunes in the years to come. Introduced as an entry level based on the 27cm shortened body of the Neue Klasse, the 02 was a compact, speedy BMW. Thanks to the performance of its 1573cc engine, it was an immediate success, with the company achieving an annual revenue increase of 25 per cent.
In 1971, the powerful 2002 with a 2-litre engine was presented. The Tii version represented the top of the range, obviously excluding the very rare Turbo. This version had 130 horsepower and was equipped with Kugelfisher mechanical injection, enlarged sides, stabiliser bars and 5-inch channel rims.
This model in the refined Inka Orange 022 colour scheme was produced by the factory on 17th October 1972 and delivered on 19th October of the same year in Italy. Currently complete and in a state of preservation, this 2002 Tii Touring is an excellent basis for a conservative restoration. In the past few years, the car has undergone a complete mechanical intervention. The engine has been completely regenerated using Mahle pistons, new barrels and the valve guides have been rebuilt. The injection has been completely overhauled as well as the braking system, which has been restored to its original condition. The car is complete in all its parts, well preserved but showing the signs of time. Over the years, the car has been stripped of its original number plates and needs an intervention to the fuel system. To date, the car is working and in good conditions. It only needs some tweaks to preserve its originality.