1993 Aston Martin Virage



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    Cabriolet / Roadster
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- One of just 233 cars ever built and 120 LHD versions
- One of 85 produced in 1993
- Factory Left Hand Drive
- The Virage was the last Aston Martin to be fully hand-built at Newport Pagnell
- It drips class and elegance and is a real joy to drive
- This model is typified by its luxurious trimmings and the immense sensation of speed experienced in the open air
- With an extensive history folder including bills from Aston Martin Workshop

‘The Volante is the new soft-top version of the Virage incorporating the latest changes made to the full Aston range. Beautiful hand-built craftsmanship abounds in this most aristocratic of convertibles.’ – Fast Lane.

The production Virage Volante debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1991, a prototype having been displayed at Birmingham’s NEC the previous October.

This V8-powered car was intended as the company’s top model with the 6-cylinder 1994 DB7 slotted below it but this V8 model (by then in Vantage form) remained the exclusive, expensive and hand-built king of Astons.

The Virage was an appositely named and important car since it was the model with which Aston Martin turned a corner. There is just a handful of Astons that can be described as seminal models – the Ulster, DB2, DB4, and Vanquish, for example – and the Virage is emphatically one of them. It helped the marque to survive and showed that Aston Martin was capable of remarkable engineering with limited resources.


This beautiful Virage Volante was newly delivered 26 years ago.

It was acquired by its former owner from Belgium the 31st of March 2015, a big classic car collector and enthusiast whose enthusiasm is reflected not only on the detailed care that has been lavished on this Aston Martin but also on the cars that shared garage space with the Aston.

The former owner is a huge fan of Virages. He had a serious collection but is now willing to have less cars and therefore we have been able to buy some of his Virages.

The owner is a very serious gentlemen who keeps his car in a very healthy condition. Therefore the car is complete with a huge file including many invoices from Aston Martin dealers for carrying out the deserved services.

Before the Belgium owner, the Aston Martin stayed in the South of France, near Toulouse, where the Virage Volante was owned from 2003 to 2015.

The Virage Volante is in a very nice condition, outside the paintwork still carries a mirror finish, the panel fit is skin tight and the overall road presence is very nice.

This Virage Volante is driving well with no known mechanical faults and records indicating that the car has covered 109.000 Kms from new.

The Virage Volante has been maintained with a mind to the future and the condition and service records in the extensive history folder is a testament to that.


The interior of the Aston is very nice. Off-course the interior shows a patina but the leather does not show any damages, scratches or broken parts which is off-course very unique after all those years.

Being of a certain generation of Grand Tourers, there is a wonderful airy and relaxed feel to the cabin.

The window pillars are delicate and visibility is amazing, is struggling to think of another car that’s as nice to sit in.


The Virage Volante is an extremely impressive car, which no one can deny, the Virage had a hand built body that oozed exclusivity.

To drive, it feels more like a DB4 built in the 1990s than its immediate predecessor, yet the body control is vastly superior and the four-valve V8 is a delight.

Significantly more refined and assuring than the earlier V8’s, the controls are all light and it’s a very easy car to handle.

The Virage does not feel its age, it drips class and elegance and is a real joy to drive thanks to it being so easy and light to drive.

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