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    320 PS / 236 kW / 316 BHP
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Rarely have opinions been so divided on a design as at the time of the unveiling of the Alfa Romeo SZ and that was precisely the intention of Zagato and the master designer Robert Opron. The SZ was to be a car that evoked emotions, one that polarized and ensured that the design continued to cross tongues. It was not the first time that Zagato produced an extraordinaire design for Alfa Romeo and the popularity of the SZ has ensured that it will not be the last. Only about a thousand SZs were assembled by hand, making "Il Mostro" a rare yet welcome sight on today's streets. Of those thousand or so SZs made, only 13 got the honor of being adapted into a single-model racing series on circuits throughout Europe, but mainly in Italy at locations such as Imola, Misano, and Mugello.

Now we have to manage to get our hands on exactly one of these 13 examples, it won't get any rarer than this today! Just like the regular SZ, the color combinations to choose from were extremely limited and almost all of them were released in red, our example is in an exceptionally good condition yet has proven its worth on the track. The fiberglass bodywork including the rear wing looks exactly like the original bodywork but was made much lighter and built on the original steel chassis.
The luxurious sports interior of the SZ was replaced with a fully FIA-regulated racing interior and is today ready to take on any track. The heart of this rare example is the 3.0 liter 12-valve Busso V6 engine, which is almost identical to the street versions of the SZ and RZ, but with a different set-up and balanced internals, it's a real spectacle with 320hp at the rear wheels. Besides some test drives the engine is brand sparkling new!

This extremely rare and extremely fast Alfa Romeo SZ Trofeo is roaring in our showroom and begs to be let out on the track. Get in this car, start the engine, drive extremely sharp times and you will never want another track car, moreover, due to its limited edition, it is highly sought after by many Alfa Romeo collectors.

Now available at Rock 'n Roll Classics, we are happy to accompany you into the pit lane of any track to show the car at its best performance,
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