1991 Alfa Romeo SZ Coupé

5,400 km & 2 owners from new


  • Baujahr 
  • Kilometerstand 
    5 400 km / 3 356 mi
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This SZ has covered just 5,000 km in the hands of two owners from new, it has never seen rain and remains in factory fresh condition in all respects with superb detail. It comes with the largest history box we have seen for a car which includes the original model brochure, books on the SZ, original order form and invoice, photos of the car in build, leather bound identity book, unmarked perfect book pack in the original wallet and of course full history including road worthy ness certification and service invoicing.
The car was ordered when new In Holland by Dutchman Rob van de Beek from his local Alfa Romeo dealer based in Haarlem close to Amsterdam as detailed on the original order form on file. Production number 652 was built during June of 1991 and the new owner visited the Zagato factory during this period to follow the build of his car such was his enthusiasm. He finally received the SZ following first registration on the 7th August 1991.

Following delivery Mr van de Beek put the car away in a heated garage with the intention of presenting it to his son on his 21st birthday. The SZ remained unused but was started and run regularly. To Mr van de Beek’s dismay it became apparent that his son did not share his motoring enthusiasm and so in 2002 he decided to keep the car for himself and began to use it very occasionally. To this end the SZ was registered for the first time on the 30th September 2002. In May 2003 a full service was completed by the Alfa Romeo dealer at 1,812 km and from then on the car was gently used in dry summer conditions until 2015 at which point 2,447 km had accumulated. An annual Dutch MOT during this period all of which are on file documents the minimal annual mileage accrued,

In 2015 this special SZ was purchased directly from the original owner by an Alfa Romeo enthusiast and specialist dealer who had been on the cars trail for some time. He subsequently offered the Alfa for sale and in October 2015 it passed to the second and last owner, both the advertisement and sales invoice are on file.

In January 2016 the SZ was despatched to the highly respected SZ specialists Alfa Aid in Berkshire for a full inspection, an illustrated copy of their subsequent report is on file. As one might expect the report is very complementary, the only small issues relating to commensurate ageing of parts and lack of use rather than wear. Any items found wanting were addressed and Alfa Aid have continued to maintain the car to perfection.

The SZ has covered limited mileage in this second ownership in dry summer conditions only and has been stored at all other times in a perfect environment.

Today the SZ remains in excellent unmarked original order in every respect, it is hard to think there could be a better example. It comes with the above mentioned complete box of history, everything that came with it originally and a second set of NTM wheels and Yokohama tyres fitted to preserve the originals which come with the car.