Wally80 Ryokan2
  • Year of manufacture 
  • Boat type 
    High Performance
  • Condition 
  • Engines 
  • Cabins 
  • Boat category 
  • Hull material 
  • Exterior colour 
  • Interior designer 
    Lazzarini Pickering Architects
  • Beam 
    5.96 m / 19.55 ft
  • Draft 
    4.00 m / 13.12 ft
  • Displacement 
    33.00 t / 72 752.54 lb
  • Location
  • Overall length 
    23.99 m / 78.71 ft
  • Engine Model 
    Yanmar 4LH-DTP 190Hp
  • Fuel tankage 
  • Water tankage 


Ryokan 2 is the iconic Wally80 cruiser, winner of the Compasso d’Oro XXI of ADI – the Industrial Design Association, the world’s most important award of design, and of the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany 2010.

She is the flush deck, canting keel, three-cabin version of the Wally80 design.
The lines of Farr Yacht Design offer big volumes without compromising performance: the large beam provides for wide social areas on deck enhancing cruising comforts.
Ryokan 2 is wider at the waterline than the most of the existing 80-footers; this provides for more volume inside and a generally better stability, which makes her a very easy and friendly boat to sail for a limited crew in any weather condition.

Ryokan 2’s deck layout features three different social areas: the deckhouse that can be covered by cushions and converted into a large living space, like a second cockpit, the central social cockpit, and the aft sunbathing area.
In this way, the whole deck is used for enjoying the open air.
The social cockpit of Ryokan 2 has the size of a traditional 100-footer cockpit, thanks to the large volumes of this design, and it features two folding tables that comfortably seat up to ten people when open.
The functional design of the cockpit tables perfectly integrates with the style of the yacht: the brushed aluminium structure includes a lengthwise handrail to enhance safety and practicality.
The tables are very light and secured to the deck by screws: they can be easily removed for the racing configuration.

The slim deck house of Ryokan 2 is characterised by the central skylight enhancing the Wally inside-outside living concept, and introduced in 2004 with Dangerous but fun.
Furthermore, the deckhouse is camouflaged leaving the profile of the yacht clean and neat, without sacrificing functionality. The uncluttered deck is a continuous vast teak plane, covering up also the coach roof.

Ryokan 2 features the canting keel to improve the righting moment with a relatively small draft, as required by a cruising yacht.
The sail plan features the fully battened 3DL mainsail and the 3DL self-tacking jib to simplify handling for the family
The hi-modulus carbon rig of the Wally 80 includes the Fifth Avenue boom and the swept back spreader mast.
Ryokan 2 features only four winches, mounted aft the social cockpit, and dedicated to the halyards, the gannaker sheets and back up for the main sail and jib sheets.

The titanium frame of the companionway functionally extends in the ceiling of the salon down below to serve as handrails.
The companionway lifts up giving access to the perfectly isolated engine room.

The interior design and styling of Ryokan 2 is developed by Lazzarini Pickering Architects.
The main salon is characterised by two “ribbons” running on the ceiling, soles, and bulkheads, creating two tables that that extend to 2.5 meters (8’ 2”). With the four folding chairs on place, the dining configuration provides for 10 comfortable places.
Both tables include the technological accessories such as TV, lights, CD, DVD, navigation instruments.
As a result, the port side table when closed serves as the navigation desk with the instruments included in the aft bulkhead “ribbon”, while the starboard one serves as sofa table featuring the tv screen in the aft bulkhead “ribbon”.
The versatility of the salon characterises the interior design of the Wally 80. This system provides the opportunity to modify the layout according to various situations and requirements.
The area features two symmetric arrangements and is either a large living space or a large dining area, or half and half as in a traditional layout.
The geometry of the perfectly symmetric salon and the corridor are flooded with natural light from the skylight.

The forward owner’s stateroom is bright and airy and includes a writing desk and the en suite.
Thanks to the large volumes of the Wally 80, the twin double guest cabins have two beds, which is unique for a yacht of this size.
The wardrobe is the leather sack hanging from the ceiling in the style of racing yachts.
The galley is to the starboard side aft the salon, and is equipped with the electrical stove on gimbals, two fridges and two freezers.

The joinery follows the shape of the hull lines, and features a cut lengthwise separating the top cabinets from the bottom ones, and serving as shelves for books and other objects.
The colours and materials selected by the interior designers are the super glossy white lacquered joinery, the super glossy carbon for the tables, ribbons and sinks, the metallic blue non slip soles, the satin white ceilings, the mirror polished stainless steel for the couch supports, the brushed stainless steel for the galley top, the sunbrella upholstery -same fabric as the cockpit, the acid green lycra cushions that that can be used outdoors in the cockpit.

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