Riva Ariston

The most desirable 2.5 series
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- The most desirable 2.5 series
- Sold new in Italy and has been a resident here ever since
- The Riva Ariston is Carlo Riva’s favorite model and best represents his perfection of design
- Alongside the Aquarama, the Ariston is perhaps Riva’s best known model, considered to be the purest classical Riva shape, and certainly one of its most popular
- Beautifully and authentically restored

The legendary yacht engineer, designer and entrepreneur, Carlo Riva, once declared the Ariston “was designed with love and is strong and pure like a thoroughbred horse. A Lord of the seas!”

Riva’s history dates back to 1842, when Pietro Riva began building boats at Sarnico, a small northern Italian town on the shores of Lago d’Iseo.

Through a great deal of hard work, and some very clever marketing, the Riva brand became a worldwide legend courted by screen stars, royalty and businessmen alike. Famous owners included Brigitte Bardot, pictured here on her Super Florida, Sophia Loren, Peter Sellers and many more besides.

It is remarkable to think that Carlo Riva evolved the hull design, that is found in modern boats today, not by using high technology, but simply leaning over the bow of his boats and watching how the water parted. A classic example of this evolution is to look at how the bow of the early boats moved from being virtually vertical to much more angled as it meets the water.

Carlo also helped develop the technologies necessary to build his boats by way of wood laminates, varnishes, chrome plating and construction methods.  In addition there was the masterly development of the Riva Crusader engines which were eventually at the heart of driving his craft forwards.

Today the firm is owned by the Ferretti Group who have re-invigorated and re-invested in the marque with many new Riva models being created embracing both new and old materials, technologies and traditions.


Built in 1967 by the Iconic boat builders "Riva" was sold new in Italy, in Gardone Riviera, a small northern Italian town on the shores of Lago di Garda.

This beautifully restored Ariston, named “Giocattolo” meaning Toy in Italian language, has been a resident in Italy ever since.

The Ariston is in fantastic condition and a very rare examples being one of the very few model between the series II and III also called 2.5 series. Approximately 10 examples are built from the so-called 2.5 series. The series which was made between the series 2 with the nice deck and the series 3 with the most desirable V-shape.

The polished mahogany wood and Riva’s trademark white and aquamarine interior are in extremely beautiful condition, as well as its adjustable soft top, all date back to the year of manufacture in 1967.

The Chris-Craft engine is a spectacle in itself; a beautifully sculpted and fully functional piece of hardware from the designer whose name is synonymous with speed, craftsmanship and luxury lifestyle.

804 Aristons were built between 1950 and 1972.

The Ariston is ready to be enjoyed during this summer season and will be delivered with its Cantiere Riva blue cover

There is no doubt that with a wooden Riva wheel between the hands, one will feel like a lord of the sea.


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