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Attributed to James Cox, London, made in the late 18th century.
Magnificent and extremely rare 20K gold, ivory, turquoise, enamel fan with a watch made for the
Royal family. Accompanied by a fitted box and winding key.
FAN: Two-sided, 2 outer guard sticks with 20 sticks in ivory engraved with elaborate floral
motif filigree, concealed compartment in the guard stick portion for housing the winding key.
The main leaf painted with a scene of royals visiting a lush garden and a theater. The reverse
painted with landscape depicting a courtesan with her servant beside her. The fan pivot: The
front contains the watch and the back with an enamel painted scene of a landscape with a
fisherman in the foreground.
White enamel, Roman chapters, outer minute ring. Blued-steel "heart and poker" hands.
14 mm., gilt brass full plate, cylindrical pillars, fusee and chain, verge escapement, plain
brass three-arm balance, single-footed balance cock,
pierced and engraved with asymmetrical foliage.