Contact person: Zoran Reckoski
Speyer, Germany
We offer profound market experience and know-how in trade, service and restoration for collectors, enthusiasts and investors focussed on classic, air-cooled Porsche 911 until 1998. We are proud to handle some of the most interesting air-cooled Porsches. sale We specialize in the offer of classic, air-cooled Porsche - models. With the firm belief that our focus is a huge benefit to our customers, we are able to offer selected models. Our international customers appreciate us as a reputable, competent and reliable partner. purchase You send us your complete vehicle information and meaningful photos of the vehicle by email. Following this, together we will make an appointment to inspect the vehicle. We check your car and review the available technical and optical condition. We share with you a realistic price based on our review, extensive research, thorough market knowledge and our years of experience. We give short notice, if we wish to make the purchase of the vehicle or not. brokerage We specialize to present your car in a professional environment successfully and sell. First-class pre-sales and transparent handling inspire confidence on both sides. You benefit from our marketing opportunities that you have not as a private person usually, such as Warranty, financing, trade, network of contacts, professional sales management, test drive opportunities despite logged off vehicle, professional website, professional presentation. consulting For all the questions surrounding these vehicles may arise, we offer expert advice on, for example, in the following areas - partly, of course, with proven partners: purchase and sale collection building, splitting and changes in the focus of the collection processing partly and full restoration review questions Transport to import and export / customs clearance insurance Talk to us so that we can make you an individual consulting services. transport With our high quality closed Brian James trailer we can pick up and deliver customer cars from all over Europe. With an electric winch your vehicle is loaded gently. We take care of worldwide searches. Also our workshop service is designed for you as comfortable as possible. We pick up on request from your Porsche and bring you the vehicle to the service carried out work back. You can also receive directly our showroom a rental vehicle during the period of inspection or maintenance. restoration A team of experienced specialists ensures the original as possible restoration of your classic, if necessary with bodywork, upholstery work, technology and engine transmissions. Always with a lot of passion. In order to meet the highest standards, it is important to us that all work from the respective specialists in his field to be done. It therefore makes no sense for us to want to do everything in-house. We coordinate, both technically and commercially, the complete work, will keep you informed and ensure the appropriate documentation. detailing We offer a tailor-made inhouse detailing program. Please contact us for futher information.

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