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Contact person: Tim Bechtel
Böblingen, Germany
In 1972, only few people in Germany were au fait with the term: classic car. Throughout Europe, a considerable market for classic vehicles did not even exist back then – and it was not yet in sight either. However, this phenomenon did not deter the young Arthur Bechtel: he risked the step to self-employment in founding a trade and service company for classic vehicles. From the outset, the small company was flourishing primarily due to his passion for automobile classic and particular interpersonal skills. Combining expertise, commitment, and continuity, was promoting a steadily increasing rate of success over the course of decades. Nowadays, thanks to the contribution of Arthur Bechtel Classic Motors, the most significant classic car centre in Germany is near the city of Stuttgart: the birthplace of the vehicle. To this date, the company’s headquarters are located here. Arthur Bechtel Classic Motors’ offer ranges from the world-wide trade of high-grade classic vehicles to various extensive services concerning the topic of classic cars. Two Generations, One Vision Arthur Bechtel connects his fascination for automobile classic with his special skills of establishing and maintaining contacts on a global basis. For more than three decades now, he has travelled to China, which he meanwhile even calls his second home. From an early age, the fascination for this country and its people has also shaped his son Tim. For many years now, Tim Bechtel leads Arthur Bechtel Classic Motors in second generation together with his father. And he continues his father’s success story. Apart from the passion for automobile classic, father and son share the common vision of transferring the classic car as an important cultural asset to China in order to perform a piece of pioneering work in the Middle Kingdom. Only a few inventions have influenced our world as sustainably as the invention of the vehicle has done. The story began in the year of 1886 in the Southwest of Germany – in the region of Stuttgart –, where Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz were working independently of one another on the development of motorised vehicles. The “velopiced” – presented by Carl Benz in 1886 – is considered as the world’s first automobile despite of its three-wheeled limitation. Around the same year and only 100 km away, Gottlieb Daimler introduced the motorised carriage: the world’s first four-wheeled automobile. Revolutionary inventions by famous technical pioneers such as Robert Bosch and Ferdinand Porsche set the path for the automobile’s world-wide triumphal march. These people laid the foundation for corporations, which enjoy global reputation to this date. The Entire Spectrum of Classic Automobile Services Apart from the in-house specialist workshop, a comprehensive advice regarding all important aspects of classic vehicles are part of Arthur Bechtel Classic Motors’ service portfolio. Whether you need advice on building, supervising, or wounding up collections, or are interested in classic cars as investment objects or have questions about the professional storage of high-grade classic vehicles – we have the correct answers to all these subject areas. Furthermore, implementing world-wide transports, mediating special insurances as well as financing and meeting specific demands concerning colour and design illustrate only a few of many further services that we provide. Thus, our customers benefit from a unique market expertise, which we continuously extent by means of our presence at various national and international specialist events such as fairs, exhibitions, Concours d’Élégance, and auctions.

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