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A classic design reinvented for outdoor recreation. Polarized, impact-resistant, and made from ultra-lightweight and bendable TR90® nylon.

The Waylons (named after country musician Waylon Jennings of all people!) is our go-to sunglasses for a life lived outdoors. A timeless design turned into performance eyewear ideal for travel and outdoor recreation. Affordable yet with features that pack a punch.

The polarized lens (100% UV) is made from Tri Acetate Cellulose offering outstanding visual clarity and glare protection. The category 3 lens makes it an excellent choice for both bright, snowy days on the mountain and sunny excursions on the sea. The frame is engineered from Swiss-invented TR90® nylon. The bendable material makes the Waylons virtually unbreakable, and at only 19 grams(!) they are very comfortable to wear. Both the lens and frame are made from highly impact-resistant materials, and the lens is hard-coated to ensure durability. Wherever you end up, you are sure to never go wrong with the Waylons.