Santa Barbara Road Races Poster, 1962


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An original 1962 Santa Barbara Road Races poster by Norman/Shacker Design featuring two Porsche Speedsters battling. At the event, Red Faris won A-Production in his Corvette, Lew Spencer won C-Production in his Morgan, Charlie Gates won E-Production in his TR4, Ronnie Bucknum won D production in the Hollywood Sport Cars Austin-Healey 3000, Bill Krause won D-Modified in his Maserati Tipo 61, Lance Reventlow won C-Modified in his Scarab Mk IV, Jay Hills won F-Modified in the Vasek Polak Porsche 718 RSK, Don Wester won E-Modified in his Porsche 718 RSK, and Pete Cordts won H-Production in an Austin-Healey Sprite. Dimensions: 14.75" x 27.625"