Lister Jaguar 75 pages of original documents about the Lister-Jaguar


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Chassis number: BHL 105 (the 5th built Lister-Jaguar), beginning with the order 4 January 1957, a letter from Pierre Stasse Equipe Nationale Belge as well as further letters about conversions on the car for Le Mans 1958, confirmations of delivery and original invoice of George Lister & Sons Ltd. to the Equipe Nationale Belge 29.04.1958 about 3.180 pound sterling, for the chassis number BHL 105 and engine number 1204/10 as well as documents about the Le Mans race 1958 with the drivers Rousselle / Dubois, documents about the race in Goodwood 13.09.1958 as well as Oulton Park 20.09.1958 as well as the registration documents Le Mans 1959 with the drivers Croisier / Rousselle and further documents after the accident in Finland, at that time the car was brought to Lister in England and from there sold to P. S. Nicholson Ltd. in England, important car documents