Jaguar XK13 Aluminium sculpture by Bruce Dove.


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Guide price: £6500 - £8500. <p>The creator, Bruce Dove, describes his work as sculptures, not models.  Made of aluminium and formed over a wooden buck, as per the original bodies.  The exquisite detail has the correct amount of louvres and rivets and displays a detailed V12 Jaguar engine.  All items, cockpit instruments, handles, lights, etc are all handmade and reproduced from genuine Jaguar materials.  This sculpture has taken in the region of 2,000 hours to produce.  Having produced models of Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo and other classics this particular piece, due to the complex nature of the engine, has been the most challenging one to produce.  These sculptures have found their way into collections as far afield as the USA and Canada.  Famous Jaguar test and development driver, Norman Dewis, having seen this sculpture described it as fantastic and signed a plaque that comes with the item. </p><p> </p>