Grandprix Originals - GPO Sneaker Verdolino


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A green shoe is sometimes hard to wear – but it is even more difficult to produce! We have truly surpassed even our own expectations with this great-looking shoe. Cognac as a contrast color and the sand colored stripes all make for a striking look! The Grandprix Sneaker has been developed to be the best shoe for driving but also for running with precision or just comfortably hanging out for a whole day. It is the ideal companion for all the Drive & Lifestyle events. Its unique design and many details make it one of a kind. The pure natural rubber sole with its special profile modeled on a car tire also arches on each side to protect the leather. The rounded heel, directly inspired from car racing, gives a perfect grip and allows a precise action on the gas pedal. 100% cowhide and a careful and precise “Made in Italy” workmanship in a small shoe factory are the clue for the highest quality.