gestalten - On Beer and Food: The Gourmet's Guide to Recipes and Pairings


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Good beer is a taste-intensive and surprisingly versatile accompaniment to good food often better suited than wine.

This book presents recipes and fundamentals that explore the pairing of food and beer. Until recently, beer had been grossly underestimated as an accompaniment to sophisticated cuisine. But the booming craft beer movement is now sparking a fundamental shift. Diversity in aroma and nuance in flavor make these new beers a wonderful complement to food at times even better and more original than wine. On Beer and Food shows what an extensive, vibrant, and interesting role beer can play in the dining experience.

Aside from an introduction into the culture and flavors of craft beer, this book presents recipes from innovative chefs to create deliciously adventurous food and beer pairings. These include a crab salad to be to be served with a Weissbier and slow-roasted pork shoulder with honey-glazed root vegetables to be served with a Brown Ale. Desserts too can be coupled with the right beer for a unique taste experience, as with a carrot cake served with an India Pale Ale. But beer is not only for drinking. Used as an ingredient, it can provide dishes with the perfect seasoning. It can work as a harmonious complement to a dish or provide it with a surprising contrast, remaining distinct while not overshadowing any flavors.

On Beer and Food opens a world of possibilities. As an extension to our recent release Barley & Hops, it is a book for all who enjoy good food and drink, like to cook, and are enthusiastic about new taste experiences.