Ferrari 056 F1 Exhaust Sculpture


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This imposing piece is created from a single set of race used exhausts originally residing in Sergio Perez' 2013 Sauber-Ferrari F1. Specifically the last year of natural aspiration in F1, these are not replicas the pipework standing here actually made the beautiful noise that we all miss from F1.

Originally mounted to the fantastic Ferrari 056 engine in the rear of Checos car, this system has been meticulously polished and mounted upon a titanium rod, viewed as if to float above a large slab of Jet Black polished Granite.

This is quite a large piece measuring over 70 cm in height and 90cm width and weighing in excess of 20kgs (the base not the Inconel, is heavy)

I am an F1 Collector and Artist working from a cottage workshop in the Suffolk Countryside. This system was taken as part of the spares package when I owned Checo's 2011/12/13 cars which I purchased directly from Sauber. Among other parts I kept these with the plan to create a sculpture deliberately reminiscent of a musical instrument to celebrate the noise they once made.

I have other pieces available soon and will be listing them individually as they are finished. My work has been peer reviewed in a number of Publications from Formula Life and GQ to The Times and I am lucky enough to have a number of high profile collectors.