A superb Britool engineer's Socket set, number 145B, 1966-1970


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A superb Britool engineer's Socket set, number 145B, 1966-1970, described in the Britool catalogue as "...the most comprehensive 1/2" square drive set. It contains the entire range of accessories and all standard sockets in British, American, Metric and Square sizes." Contained in red steel case, including E42 speed brace, A56 Bar Handle ⅜" x 8", E67 ratchet unit, E74/40T ratchet handle, E91 universal joint, E96 3" extension, E98 12" extension, E14 turnscrew socket bit, E56 bar handle ½" x 12" (unmarked replacement), E63 short 'T' adaptor, E70 offset handle, E79 swivel handle, E92 stud extractor, E97 6" extension, E99 18" extension, EDH81 14mm spark plug tool (replacement for original ED 820), ED1010 18mm spark plug tool: 51 bi-hexagon sockets comprising Whitworth, American, Metric types and 10 Bisquare sockets, the set with original packing hardly used.