1978 VW Type 2

Combi Type 2 Campmobile


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German title
Chassis No 2382043540

- New condition, unique history
- Legendary
- 994 miles since new!
- No reserve

This Combi has only 994 original miles and its story is incredible! The vehicle was ordered new at the Aurora Volkswagen dealership in Colorado by a couple enamored of discovery and travel. It was delivered by the dealership on 17 February 1978, ready to take the great road of explorations! Upon delivery and to their amazement, the couple discovered a detail they had absolutely no idea about when ordering, being American and not actually knowing that a gearbox could be other than automatic! The couple will use it only once to go on holiday, driving it just over 900 miles however, since not getting used to the manual gearbox, it will be left unused until its sale in 2018. The Campmobile is then imported to Germany, put back into working order and will be for sale in its original "new" condition.
It remains exceptional and emotional to discover a vehicle in such new condition, even more so when it comes to a camper van, as all interior features like the wood, utensils, kitchen tools, the folding double bed, the carpets, the fabrics (here in green and brown tartan), period radio, the expendable roof (in order to stand inside), tables and all factory details, have gone through the years without aging and without any damage or poor patina. Additionally, this T2 will be delivered to its future owner with all original manuals, the original service logbook, notes taken by the couple during their first few 900 miles trip, a Colorado map, and not to forget the VW seller's card and original invoices! Everything is in there!
To conclude, what more can we say about this T2 Campmobile other than it represents the "embodiment" of adventure and above all, an invitation to a romantic trip to discover new lands! Another option to keep this almost "delivery mileage" intact will be to exhibit it in a museum as a tribute to a period when freedom actually made sense!

For more information and photos: https://www.artcurial.com/fr/lot-1978-volkswagen-combi-type-2-campmobile-no-reserve-3980-66

Photos © Christophe Gasco