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    Convertible / Roadster
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    OE 50
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    OD 920
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    Original Condition
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To understand the importance of the legendary Vauxhall 30-98 you only need to look up the list of past and present owners. Nearly
all major collections and important collectors have viewed the acquisition of a Vauxhall 30-98 as one of their most important tasks. The cars are powerful, beautifully designed and made, and were supremely successful in competition.

Vauxhall (originally Alex Wilson & Co) was an engineering enterprise founded in 1857 by the marine engineer Alexander Wilson in Vauxhall London. The company originally produced pumps and marine engines. It expanded rapidly, and after producing its first motorcar in 1905, needing more space,relocated to Luton in Bedfordshire.

In 1905 the company recruited Lawrence Pomeroy who, like W. O. Bentley, had completed his engineering apprenticeship working on railway engines. Pomeroy’s talent was immediately recognised and while Vauxhall’s chief engineer was on an extended break in 1907-08, the joint managing director, Percy Kidner, asked Pomeroy to redesign one of their engines with the explicit intention to make it more powerful. The company had its sights on winning the 1908 RAC 2000 mile trail. The car won several classes and Pomeroy was promoted. He had adopted the use of light alloys for many components and went on later in life to work for Pierce Arrow in the U.S.A., Daimler, and the De Havilland Aircraft Co. He was a talented and very successful engineer.

After his success with the early designs at Vauxhall Pomeroy went on to produce several very competitive motorcars and experienced great success at Brooklands and several other events. The “Prince Henry” named after Prince Henry of Prussia became one of Vauxhall’s most prestigious models. Car dealer and motorsport competitor Joseph Higginson (who had invented the Autovac) persuaded Vauxhall to manufacture the 30-98 using the Prince Henry chassis, with a 4.5 litre engine. The early cars, the “E”, were immediately successful with Higginson winning the Shelsley Walsh hill-climb in 1913, setting a new record in the process. Only 13 “E” examples were manufactured before WW1 and only for selected drivers. None of the pre WW1 cars have survived. Production restarted in 1919 and the more refined overhead valve design known as the “OE” was introduced in 1922. The engine capacity was actually reduced to 4.25 litres but the power output was increased by 30%! Various refinements were made as the years went by particularly to the brakes which were somewhat inadequate on the early designs. Production ceased in 1927.

Chassis OE 50 has a fascinating history. It was originally produced in 1923 with the standard Velox coachwork. In 1933 the car was re-bodied by H.J. Mulliner with the exquisite 2 seater boat-tailed coachwork it carries today. It’s a very striking car. The complete history is known with all owners recorded, and it was the subject of a complete mechanical overhaul carried out by the well known specialist Arthur Archer in the 1980’s since when it has been very well maintained. Without question the highlight in the history is an epic drive undertaken by Charles Agar the son of the first owner. His father had taken the car to Persia (now Iran) when new in 1923, and in 1930 Charles decided to drive the car back to Manchester. An fascinating account of the adventure driving through Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Greece,Italy and France is written up in the Autocar Magazine dated 21st November 1930.

The car has a wonderful “patinated” feel about it. Just the right condition for a car of this type. Something you can confidently drive on any rally or tour without worrying too much about the paint or the leather! It drives beautifully and comes with a huge file of documents including an original “buff” logbook.

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