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1924 – UNIC Type L2 Torpedo

French registration papers
Chassis : 38401

Clear history

Very beautiful transformation
Lively and playful car

If the French manufacturer Georges Richard is rather unknown to the general public, he is nevertheless hiding a man endowed with talent and vision who will write one of the most beautiful French successes of the automobile. It was in 1904 that the industrialist and racing driver Georges Richard founded the Unic company in Puteaux thanks to capital provided by Baron Henri de Rothschild. A forerunner, his initial project was to rationalise production by manufacturing only a few different models using common interchangeable parts. From this idea, which would be taken up by Henry Ford or André Citroën, would come the origin of the manufacturer's name... The range would gradually expand to meet the needs of private customers but also professionals demanding simple, practical and robust cars. Sales are developing rapidly, notably thanks to large taxi markets in Paris, London and Monaco. Having a keen sense of business, Georges Richard created the Banque Automobile, the first credit organisation to facilitate sales to the general public!
According to what its owner told us, the L-series that we present was bought as a chassis in 1923 and first bodied as a Torpedo in 1924. Remaining in the same family for almost a century, its body was modified into a van in 1931 for professional needs. It is also amusing to consult the period photos attached to the file where you can find pictures of the car with the registration number 240 BN 25 in the Doubs. Much later, it was used for pleasure on certain rallies such as the Rallye de Belfort au Ballon d'Alsace in 1980. It was at the very beginning of the 2000s that a member of the family, an industrial designer at Peugeot, gave it its current look with its Bordino pointy rear in moleskin. Superbly made, the whole thing looks great with an unmodified front part except for its mudguards. 15 years later, the wooden structure is very well preserved and the robust 4-cylinder engine, also restored in 2005 (invoices), moves the whole car with a certain brilliance. Always meticulously maintained and with a clear history with only four owners, three of whom are from the same family, this car is as beautiful to look at as it is to drive. With four new beaded tyres and a big file of technical documentation, it will undoubtedly provide its future owner with a great pleasure.

164 bis, avenue Charles de Gaulle
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