1975 Triumph TR6


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1975 Triumph TR6 Convertible
Designer: Giovanni Michelotti

Estimate: $15,000 - $18,000
Chassis Number: 35431CF
Engine: 2498cc OHV in-line 6-cylinder
2xSU Carburetors/101 bhp
4-Speed Manual Transmission
Power Assisted Hydraulic Front Disc/Rear Drum Brakes

British Quality and Craftsmanship
Carbureted Version for Dependability
Exhilarating Performance

The Model –Though the TR6 was related to the 1950’s era TR2 and succeeding models, it was a far cry from the bare bones roadsters that won the hearts of thousands of sports car fans, as well as quite a few road races and rallies along the way. Talented designer Giovanni Michelotti was given the task of modernizing the popular TR4 and TR5 convertibles, seeing the birth of the TR-250. His same basic design was selected for use on the new 6-cylinder TR6, but with some revisions primarily to the rear-end design by Karmann in Germany. The end results produced an aggressive looking sports car that looked as well as it performed. Those versions exported to the USA were carbureted and while their horsepower ratings were slightly less than the European fuel-injection models, they proved to be considerably more dependable, as well as being emissions compliant. With production running from 1969 to 1976, they were popular when new and have maintained legions of satisfied happy owners.

The Car – Finding a basically original car that has been stored away for many years is something car collectors around the world hope to find. Such a car is this TR6 convertible, finished in its original French Blue paint scheme and still sporting its factory seats and what appears to be even its folding soft top, both of which are done in black. It rides on its original Rally-style wheels and under the hood, the engine is ready to serve. Brought out of storage it may need a little re-awakening, but as Motostalgia’s camera woman found out, “put a jump box on it and drove to the location where I photographed it.” There were several issues related to soft trim, most noticeably worn carpet in the area of the driver’s seat, and in several areas the factory paint is showing its age. However, this is the type of car you can get into and hit the open road with confidence, once you road check the tires and critical systems. Originality is becoming a major part of the collector-car world, and this TR6 is ripe for participation in preservation classes across the land. Solid, complete and full of adventure awaits the new owner of this glorious Triumph.