1951 Talbot Lago T15

Baby T15 LB cabriolet par Guilloré


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- Interesting coachwork
- Outstanding model for its day
- Appears to be complete
- No reserve

After the war, Talbot benefitted from the drive of Antony Lago who wanted to continue where he had left off before the conflict had started. To remain competitive, a more highly developed engine was produced: with hemispherical combustion chambers, the six-cylinder engine had overhead valves operated by twin camshafts positioned high in the block, like the Riley and Era engines. Originally designed for a 4.5-litre engine, there was also a four-cylinder, 2.7-litre version adapted for touring cars, used in the Lago Baby T15 of the period. Producing 125 bhp, the car was capable of 150 km/h.
The example on offer boasts a desirable cabriolet body, built in the Guilloré workshops, and has a twin sister in the collection with chassis number 120168. The rear left wing is out of shape but the car appears to be complete, with headlights, bumpers and interior. It has tobacco leather upholstery and the sporty dashboard is complete with its instruments protected under a thick layer of dust. An old registration number is visible at the front: 7423 N 75. An elegant combination of luxury and sportiness, this cabriolet is a demonstration of the high level of finish and build quality of post-war Talbots.